Lafayette Louisiana Restaurants That Serve up All the Great Food

Louisiana makes me think of all kinds of things. From creole and cajun food to the Big Easy, casinos and of course all its great cities, Louisiana is a gem of a state. One of the great cities of Louisiana is Lafayette, and I have certainly driven through that city before. I couldn’t tell you much as far as the scene because I just remember Louisiana in general and stopping in Monroe. However, I have hand selected three restaurants to help you have great places to eat on your itinerary when you stop in or pass through Lafayette.

The first Lafayette restaurant is called The French Press. It is located on East Vermilion Street. Biscuits and breakfast sandwiches have made the menu highlights, and it is said to be a good place in Lafayette for brunch. Now after your brunch stop, let’s see what place we are making a stop at next.

It is Louisiana Crawfish Time, and it is located on Verot School Road. That is the cajun and creole food mentioned earlier, so you get the whole experience at this place. One reviewer called herself a Bayou girl and said she loved them, and you know she knows her stuff. That is making me hungry. Have you ever tried crawfish? I haven’t, but I have tasted creole food. It is going to be a treat for you.

Okay, there is time for one more restaurant, and it is going to be Pizza Artista on Johnson Street. You are talking about not just pizza but cajun sausage, crab and more. More great stuff is mentioned in the reviews, and honestly, it would make me pick this place to visit first. You will have to take a closer look and decide which stop gets your attention first, and then you can feast on a delicious meal.